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Men's Cut - $40

A professional barber giving a stylish and precise men's haircut in a modern barbershop setting, using scissors and a comb

A men's haircut service typically involves the trimming and shaping of the hair on the head, neck, and sometimes the face. It may include a consultation with the stylist to discuss the desired length, style, and any other preferences or concerns.

The service may begin with a shampoo and conditioning treatment, followed by a haircut using scissors, clippers, or a combination of both. The stylist may also use additional tools, such as razors or texturizing shears, to achieve the desired look.

After the haircut is complete, the stylist may use styling products, such as gel or pomade, to create a specific style or hold the hair in place. They may also provide tips on how to maintain the style and keep the hair healthy and looking great.

For men with longer hair, a longer service may be necessary to properly trim and shape the hair. This may involve more time and attention to detail to achieve the desired length, layers, or other techniques. During a longer service, the stylist may also provide additional care for the hair, such as deep conditioning treatments or specialized styling techniques.

Overall, a men's haircut service can be a simple and straightforward process, or a more involved and customized experience, depending on the individual's needs and preferences. Whether you have short or long hair, finding a skilled and experienced stylist who can provide the right level of care and attention can help ensure that you receive a great haircut that leaves you looking and feeling your best.

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