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Hello meet Jose!

Mexican-born but raised in the U.S., Jose's family first immigrated to Chicago. With the exception of a few summers spent in Mexico, he spent most of his life in Houston, Texas. Despite holding a special place in his heart for both Chicago and Monterrey, Jose loves calling Houston his home. He speaks both Spanish and English fluently and is skilled at finding the right words to understand his clients' needs. He values family, friends, and travel. "I measure my success by the value I bring to the people and spaces around me," says Jose.

I wasn't born a stylist and didn't know I wanted to do hair until later in my youth. I graduated from North Shore High School and then entered cosmetology school at San Jacinto College North. I was attracted to the idea of working with people, using my hands, and tapping into my creativity. With no prior experience, I found that this was an advantage as I was able to learn things the right way from the start. I became more involved in cosmetology school, reviving the cosmetology club and becoming its vice president. We started projects such as giving free haircuts to underprivileged children for back-to-school at a local church and providing free haircuts in the hospital salon on the 16th floor of Texas Children's Hospital. After graduation, I worked at Michaelyndon salon (2005) where I met my first mentor, Gayelynn. She was an amazing stylist with a lot to teach. I found similar success in my later salons: Visible Changes (2006-2009), Satori (2009-2011), Alex Burton (2011-2014), and now The Galleria Hair Salon (2014-present). I continued to learn from new mentors and invest in education to improve my skills. Today, I am still passionate about what I do and find joy in making people happy and beautiful.

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