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Fusion and Individual Extension Removal - $130/hr

Fusion Removal

Fusion and individual hair extensions are popular types of semi-permanent hair extensions that are applied to the natural hair using adhesives or bonds. They can add length, volume, and thickness to the natural hair, giving clients the opportunity to achieve their desired hair style.

When it comes time to remove fusion and individual hair extensions, it is important to have them removed by a professional hair stylist who has experience in working with these types of extensions. The removal process requires care and precision to avoid damaging the natural hair.

During the removal process, the hair stylist will use a specialized removal solution to break down the bond or adhesive that is holding the extensions in place. This solution is carefully applied to the bond or adhesive to help loosen it from the natural hair. The stylist will then use a removal tool, such as pliers or a specialized comb, to gently separate each extension from the natural hair. As each extension is removed, the stylist will inspect the natural hair to ensure that there is no damage or breakage.

Once all of the extensions have been removed, the hair stylist will shampoo and condition the natural hair to remove any residue from the removal solution and to restore moisture to the hair. Depending on the condition of the natural hair, the stylist may recommend a deep conditioning treatment or a trim to help repair any damage or split ends.

Overall, fusion and individual hair extensions can be a great way to enhance your hair, but it is important to have them removed by a professional to avoid damaging your natural hair. With the right care and attention, your natural hair can be restored to its healthy, beautiful state after the extensions are removed.

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