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Bang/Fringe Trim - $7


A bang or fringe trim is a quick and simple hair service that involves trimming the hair at the front of the head, often around the forehead and eyebrows. This is typically done to maintain the shape and length of bangs or fringe, which can easily grow out and become uneven.

During a bang or fringe trim, the stylist will use scissors to carefully trim the hair to the desired length and shape. They may also use a comb to ensure that the hair is evenly distributed and properly aligned with the client's facial features.

Bang or fringe trims can be performed on dry or damp hair, depending on the stylist's preference and the client's hair texture. The service typically takes only a few minutes and can be added on to a regular haircut or performed as a standalone service.

By regularly getting a bang or fringe trim, clients can keep their hairstyle looking neat and well-maintained, and prevent the hair from becoming too long or overgrown. This can also help prevent hair from falling into the eyes or causing irritation on the forehead, which can be particularly bothersome for those who wear glasses or contact lenses.

Overall, a bang or fringe trim is a quick and easy hair service that can help clients maintain the shape and length of their bangs or fringe, and keep their hairstyle looking great.

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