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Portrait of David, a skilled stylist at The Galleria Hair Salon - A friendly and confident young man with short brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a warm smile. David is proud of his Mexican heritage and enjoys speaking Spanish and visiting his roots. He honed his communication and customer service skills as a waiter before pursuing his passion for hair and attending Ogle Cosmetology School. He trained at Toni and Guy and continues to enhance his craft at The Galleria Hair Salon.

Hello meet David!

David, a proud Texan native born in Austin and raised in Richmond, is deeply connected to his Mexican heritage. His passion for his roots has motivated him to stay connected to his culture by speaking Spanish fluently and frequently visiting his ancestral home.

Before discovering his love for hair, David pursued various careers that involved working with his hands and interacting with people. His experience in the service industry as a waiter allowed him to hone his communication and customer service skills, which he now applies to his work as a stylist.

David's journey to becoming a skilled and talented stylist began with his enrollment at Ogle Cosmetology School in Stafford, TX. After graduating, he worked at local shops like El Guerrero Barber Shop in 2016, where he honed his craft and developed his own unique style.

To further his skills, David underwent rigorous training at Toni and Guy from 2017 to 2020. He continued to refine his techniques and explore new approaches to hairstyling.

In 2020, David joined The Galleria Hair Salon, where he continues to enhance his craft through ongoing training and collaboration with his colleagues.

When he's not working, David enjoys exploring his various hobbies, including his love for Star Wars, gardening, and experimenting with new cuisines.

With his passion for hair and his dedication to staying connected to his culture, David is a talented stylist who brings a unique perspective and skillset to his work. Clients can trust in his expertise and his commitment to providing top-quality service.

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