Hello meet Jose Gonzalez

Mexican born but U.S. raised. His family first immigrated to Chicago, with the exception of a few summers spent in Mexico, he spent most of my life in Houston, Tx. While he has a spot in his  heart for Chicago and Monterrey, he loves calling Houston home. He speak Spanish and English and can find the words to help understand your needs. He's all about  family, friends, and travel. "I believe in measuring my success by the value i bring to the people and spaces around me." -Jose 

My Hair Story

I was not born a stylist nor did i know i wanted to do hair till later in my youth. I graduated from North Shore High School and soon after entered Cosmetology school in San Jacinto College North to give it a shot. I was drawn in by the idea of working with people, with my hands, and to utilize my creativity. Being that i had no prior experience i soon found that to be an advantage in that i was able to learn things right the first time.  I  became much more involved in cosmetology school, resurrecting the cosmetology club and becoming vice president. We started projects involving giving free haircuts to needy children for back to school with the local church. Also we began a project with Texas Children Hospital providing free haircuts in the hospital salon on the 16th floor. After graduation I  spent a little time at a salon named Michaelyndon (2005), where i met my first mentor Gayelynn. She was an incredible stylist that had so much to teach. I found similar luck in my following salons, the next one being Visible Changes (2006-2009). After a few years there I made the move to Satori (2009-2011), Alex Burton (2011-2014), and now The Galleria Hair Salon (2014-Present).  All the time taking on new mentors and continuing to invest time and money in education to grow my skill. Today i'm still passionate about what i do, i find joy in making people happy and beautiful.