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Hello Meet Noelia

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Noelia is an accomplished and ambitious hair stylist with a passion for various hair color services. Her specialties include highlights, balayage/ombre, maintenance color, and her personal favorite - crafting fun and unique hair colors that make her clients stand out.


Noelia's journey in the hair industry began when she attended HCC's cosmetology school. After gaining experience at Sally's Beauty Supply, she went on to sharpen her skills as an apprentice at The Galleria Hair Salon. Her dedication and commitment to excellence soon made her a rising star in the world of hairdressing, with a natural aptitude for the craft and an impressive ability to learn quickly.

In addition to her prowess as a stylist, Noelia has also mastered the art of social media management. She plays a crucial role in maintaining and growing The Galleria Hair Salon's online presence, connecting with clients and showcasing the salon's exceptional services.

Outside the salon, Noelia's interests are as diverse as her skill set. She spends her leisure time watching documentaries, honing her painting and drawing abilities, jogging in the park, and learning sign language. A true adventurer at heart, Noelia loves visiting her parents' homeland in Guatemala and cherishing moments with her beloved pet bunny.

Noelia's combination of a warm and humble personality with her adorable appearance sets her apart from the rest. As a highly sought-after stylist, she has earned the trust of clients seeking a unique and personalized hair experience. Noelia's expertise empowers her clients to achieve their dream look, boosting their confidence and helping them feel truly beautiful. Don't miss the chance to discover why Noelia is such a highly regarded stylist - book your appointment with her today.

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